Location – Chateau des Aspras

Location and things to do

Chateau des Aspras and La Fiougiere are situated near the villages of Correns, some 15km north of the A8 motorway which runs between Aix en Provence and Nice. Allow 90 minutes from Nice Airport and 75 minutes from Marseilles.

Local restaurants

Restaurants further afield

Things to do


  • Saturday – Carces, Brignoles
  • Sunday – Salernes
  • Tuesday – Cotignac, Lorgues, Salernes (night-time)
  • Wednesday – Salernes, Cotignac (night-time)
  • Thursday – Carces (night-time)

Book of knowledge

Please refer to this guide found in the chateau (not La Fiougiere) for many other excursions made by friends, family and guests, highlighting trips to local rivers, beaches, waterfalls, and many Provencal villages and markets

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