Jannick Lichter

Jannick works at the property and is a font of information about activities in Correns and the surrounding villages. She can arrange anything from airport collections to hiring kayaks or booking restaurants. She is at the Château each morning and is available at all times to provide advice and assistance to tenants should they require it.

You can contact Jannick Lichter by email on jannick.lichter@free.fr or by telephone +33 494863654 (landline) or on +32 659710258 (mobile)

The chef - Guy Lecamus

Guy has in the past worked at several Private Property Abroad houses cooking for families on their holidays. He continues the Chateau Des Aspras tradition of using fresh and locally sourced produce for his Provencal and French dishes alike. He takes care of everything in the kitchen, including organising the menus and shopping for the food and drink. He normally works for six hours a day, during which he prepares a light lunch for guests to help themselves and dinner which he is assisted by Jean Marc who helps to serve when there are more than six people.

The housekeeper - Madame Gros and Isabelle Mayen

They are responsible for cleaning the house, making the beds and doing the washing; a mammoth task which they undertake with pride and discretion. They normally work for six hours a day with Sunday as their day off.

Gardener and Caretaker - Jean-Marc Zorich

Jean-Marc is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds, taking care of the swimming pool, tennis court, fountains and all the machinery. He also assists Guy in the evenings for parties greater than six people.